Custom Web Applications

This definition can vary but generally it’s a website that has a special function beyond simply giving the marketing type information. Facebook and eBay would be big name examples of such websites.

More typically this may be a booking or reservation system for a hotel or restaurant or perhaps an specialist online ordering system or something completely different. This could be for use by the public or it could be protected so only your employees can access it.

The web makes sharing information much easier than ever before, if you have multiple offices and/or remote workers then moving some of your data to a web based application can solve a lot of headaches.

Remote sales people often cause data sharing challenges as they need up to date product/customer information as well as feeding back information about the customers.

WordPress Applications

WordPress is the most popular content management tool on the Internet today, it is used to power millions of websites. Oh and it’s free…

Many people think of WordPress as a blogging tool but it is much more than that these days. Sure it’s very very good at blogging and article writing (in a way most websites are really just a series of articles) but it has capabilities way beyond blogging.

A lot of the power comes from the large choice of add-in modules that are available and custom ones can be built too. These range from slideshows to eCommerce solutions and everything in between. Also because WordPress is Open Source it can be extended and modified to suit many needs.

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