Custom fit web applications

Ever found yourself doing some really boring or repetitive task and thought “there must be a better way to do this”?

All business have many of these processes, they start out small and then, as the business grows, they get larger and larger. Sometimes they are a significant portion of someone’s job.

The classic is the Excel spreadsheet of doom. It goes something like this:

You have a list of something, let’s use customer orders for this example. An order comes in and it gets recorded in the spreadsheet along with details of the client and other related notes. This is great as the spreadsheet is saved on a network drive so everyone can access it… except only one person can edit the spreadsheet at any one time but that’s ok as only John in accounts needs to add new orders.

Soon you realise that it’s useful to update the order as it get processed so now Jane in despatch needs to update the spreadsheet but John still has it open…

As more orders pour in and the business grows, it’s clear that this one little spreadsheet isn’t going to cut it. So what do you do?

By now your business process has developed quite a lot, there are several caveats and a whole bunch of procedures that are unique to your business.

There just isn’t software out there that works the same way that your business does.

This is where I come in. Get in touch to find out more.